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How do I configure MS SQL Express Server to allow remote connections?

The following article explains how to configure SQL Express Server to allow remote connections. Remote connections allow users to access their SQL database without needing direct access to the Windows VPS server.

To allow remote connections, please follow these steps:

  1. Log into your server through Remote Desktop Connection (instructions for connecting to your server

    Getting Started:-
    1. Create an MS SQL 2005 database and database user using Plesk under the domain that needs the DB.


    Click on the databases in the toolbar then
     select to Add Database

    Then put all the details marked on the picture. Better you use the generated password.

    Go to website & domains and copy that IP address and paste on the next step.

    ==>Start SQL Server Management Server Studio.

    The 'New Server Registration' window should now be visible.

    ==> Server Name: Enter the Public IP Address of the database server, this information can be obtained from your Database Manager within your Plesk Control Panel for the domain, under the database name, for example,

    SQL Server Management Studio which is available for free from

     The IP address of the computer/server you wish to connect from.
    Click OK.

    Click Start
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