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Do you backup your servers?

At Eicra Hosting, we do perform our own internal archived backups yes, however, these are for our own internal disaster recovery use only and are not for client access or reliance.

It is up to you as the client to perform your own regular account backups.

Varying on the type of package you have with us will vary on the method of backup configuration.

For cPanel accounts, simply login to cPanel and select "Backup" from the menu options available and follow the prompts.

Procedure :

1. Login to Cpanel then click Backup wizard

2. Then click on backup

3. Select full backup if you need full backup

4. then select the directory on C-panel where you want to create this backup and select your domain and generate backup

The same general rule applies to Plesk accounts also.

At no time is Eicra Hosting responsible for client data or backups. It is up to you to perform and maintain them at your own accord.

If you have any questions or queries regarding this, please do not hesitate in submitting a ticket for further assistance.

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