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How do I activate a temporary domain name to use?

The information in this article applies to:
DotNetPanel ASP.NET Control Panel
Activating a Temporary Domain

If you are not ready to update your actual domain name with our DNS Servers you can use a temporary domain name to access your site.  Please follow these brief instructions to activate your temporary domain name:

Note: If you wish to use a temporary domain you must activate it.  
1. Login to your DotNetPanel ASP.NET Control Panel
2. Click on your Hosting Plan link under the User Spaces
3. Click "Domains" in the left Hosting Space menu
4. Click on the "Add Domain" button
5. Enter in your Domain Name and make sure the "Create Instant Alias" checkbox is checked off.
7. Make sure both "Create Web Site" is checked and "Enable DNS" checkboxes are checked.
8. Click Add Domain
8. Done!

Temporary URL is a sub-domain of the form
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