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How do I register my private nameservers?

Registering your personalized name servers is a totally SEPARATE act than assigning them to your DNS info for your domain names.

When you signed up with hosting, we sent you a welcome email with all of your account information inside. Please refer to that email for the following information.

For, the IP would be the IP address listed in your welcome email. 
For, the IP would the same, except the last number is increased by one.
(Example: If the IP listed in your welcome email is, your name server's IP would be

After your nameservers have been created, you must add the necessary A records to your domain. Please read the related article DNS Update.

After the A record update, you and your clients will be able to use your private nameservers for all the domains which host with you.

Go to the registrar of your domain name, log in to your account and look for the 'register name servers' page. Follow the registrar's instructions for registering your two name servers. 

How to Register :

New nameservers need to be registered with your registrar before they can be used. For example, if you are opening a reseller account and given the option to set your own nameservers, you'll probably want to select ones reflecting your primary domain name.  If your primary domain is, you'll need to register the nameservers (two at a minimum in most cases) and How to register these nameservers differs from registrar to registrar.  See our guides below for examples.

  • Click on my account -> manage domains -> click on a domain name
  • Under advanced options select nameserver registration
  • Enter your nameservers and IP addresses followed by "add nameservers"

  • Click on manage -> nameservers > and then "create nameserver" at the very bottom of the page under "Nameserver Edit."
  • FQDN is ns1 followed by your domain registered at fabulous, followed by its IP address.  Click "continue" and repeat for ns2.

  • Click on my account -> domain list -> followed by the domain you wish to setup nameservers for.
  • Select "click here to add" below "Domain Host Information"
  • Enter your nameservers and IP addresses followed by "register nameservers"

  • Click on domains -> register DNS -> "Register a Nameserver Name"
  • Enter your nameservers and IP addresses

A similar process exists for most other registrars.  If we have not covered your particular registrar, please post below.


In the Manage Name Servers section, and at the bottom of the page, you will see a link: "If you want to create or modify a nameserver which is based on {your domain} click here."

Here you can register a name server based on the domain. All name servers must have a unique IP and must be set-up and running for at least 24 hours before you register them here. Type the prefix for your name server and its IP address and click Create Name Server. We suggest that you do not use the prefix "www" as this may cause a problem with your web server lookups. Use the nameservers exactly as issued to you by, Inc

The most common error when setting up a new nameserver is: "Unable to create nameserver: Registry error, nameserver creation failed [Attribute value not unique]"
This means that the IP address you entered is already taken. You may either find another IP or delete the existing nameserver host record



After Setting ns1/ns2 with IP address (IP address already sent to you with our hosting welcome email) in the domain control panel, then you need to login into WHM Panel. Go to: Basic cPanel/WHM Setup > Provide/replace your nameserver. Then click on the Edit DNS Zone, then select your domain name and then create two new "A" record: ns1 and ns2 and point these record to the IP address. If nameserver record is already there, then you just need to edit and save.

Changing DNS :

Any time you make a DNS (domain name server) change it takes around 24-48 hours to complete. During this propagation time routers all over the world are updating their cache. This causes your site to be up and down randomly during the first 48 hours for different people at different times. Think of DNS like a zip code. If you don't put a zip code on your mail the post office doesn't know where to send it. Domains are the same way if they don't have the DNS the internet doesn't know what server to send your request to.
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    Hi, I want to change my nameserver instead of eicra nameserver. I have already inserted but not sure its properly ok or not. So can you please check and please set this nameserver instead of eicra nameserver: Please let me know if everything is ok. Thank you Aktaruzzaman