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FTP Basics

FTP is a good way to get your content from your computer to your website. This is a general guide on how to get started.

You need to choose an FTP client to use. There are many out there with lots of useful features -- ws_ftp, cute ftp, core FTP - we do not endorse any of those products, however, they are some of the more popular picks. Your browser will often have an FTP client built into it, or you can even access ftp from a command line (DOS Prompt). Whatever program you choose, you'll connect to , using the cpanel login and password and your domain name. 

Some FTP programs will just need your domain, FTP username and FTP password that you have set through cPanel's FTP account area.

Anything you want to be available from the web should be uploaded to the public_html directory or a directory you create within it. For specific ftp help on the program you choose, have a look at the software manufacturer's website, or if you're having trouble, contact us via live chat or helpdesk.

Some programs or if you are using your built in FTP program on your computer require you to right click a file > go to properties > then change permissions there.  If you are curious as to what I mean by built-in FTP program I mean go to My Computer > Type in the following >  and you will be logged in on your account.

You can have a look into the topic " Accessing FTP via Filezilla" for more details.

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  1. Abu Mozaffor Ali Ashfaque (BiploB)

    please tell me how can i login to cPanel anytime without k-Oz. I dont see any of your options regarding logged in at FTP or cPanel myself.