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How to upload file to the server used FTP protocol?

  Core FTP is a powerful and easy to use free FTP (file transfer protocol) utility. We recommend this
program to all clients.

Download   CORE FTP    We recommend viewing the above download page to check for the latest version.

How to upload your files onto your web space on the eicra servers using Core FTP

Step 1
Download (above) and Install Core FTP.

Step 2
Open Core FTP.

Step 3
Click File > Quick Connect

Step 4
Enter in all corresponding information and click connect. Your details should have been emailed to you. If you experience problems connecting try turning PASV mode on/off. Make sure all other boxes are un-checked as below.

NB:Should you require this information please contact us

Step 5
You should now be connected and are now ready to start transferring your files. Double click on the root folder. The root folder is the folder that you must store all of your website"s files in.

Step 6
Now you must navigate to the folder containing all of your website"s files on your hard drive, if you do not know where they are or you do not have the files you will need to consult your web designer.

Step 7
Once you have your files in the left pane you must hold ctrl and click on the files you wish to transfer, drag the file to destination folder for Upload.

Step 8
Your files should now be transferring, this may take a while depending on the size of the files and the speed of your connection. You can view the progress in this section. Once the box is empty all files have been transferred and your website should now be live.

Step 9
Congratulations, your website is now live! Open a web browser and proceed to your website"s address to view your website.

Side Notes
You can also do much more than just transfer files using FTP you can also create/delete directories, right click on files/directories in the right-hand pane to view the different available options. Also be sure to check out the different features available such as creating directories etc...

Choose files or drag and drop files
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