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Manual Account verification process.

Manual Account verification process is only be applied when you have no other alternative method of recovering login credentials through our software furthermore you no longer have access to the email that you used while registering with Please be informed that we consider the customer data security VERY SERIOUSLY through legal fretworks, therefore we want to make sure you are the rightful owner of this account. 

If your mail verification is not completed, You will see your website like this :

Please be informed and cooperate with us by following the below process as follows:

Duration :

The manual account verification process will require up to 07 business days to process. 

Required Documents: 

  • Write an official application asking for the login credentials of Account Control which must be printed on the company's Letterhead of the belonging Domain[s].
  • The Application MUST be signed by high authorities of the management team who (you believe) reserve right to get control. 
  • For Partnership, incorporation, public or private limited companies, please submit “Board Regulation” where the majority of your shareholder agrees to change of account’s control.
  • Provide some document[s] that proofs your ownership of mentioned domain and company for example memorandum of articles, partnership dead, trade license or certificate of authority etc.   
  • If you purchased service through credit card, please tell us the last 4 digits of credit card on file or if you paid via PayPal, the date/amount/email address and transaction ID of last payment. For manual payment please provide us money receipt or bank deposit slip to be attached with this applications. 
  • Finally, the supporting documentation to verify your signature, for example, National ID, passport photocopy, dead of the partnership agreement, memorandum of Articles of association or any other lawful official ID where you have the signature. 

Why it takes time to process after submitting the document?

Once you submit the application along with supporting documents, our security experts initiate the transfer process and try to be sanguine (as much as possible) if the applicant(s) is the legal right owner to achieve the access control. Therefore we go through into many security steps to reach and find out the rightful owner before handing over the control.  

The process is complex, Can it be simplified?

Our main goal is to ensure the Maximum security of your account (Domain, Hosting or web data) and we can’t let anybody take control of your in any case. Therefore we want to make sure your account is NOT hijacked or take control by anybody without your explicit approval. We become careful and take all security measure to identify the lawful owner the domain or website before moving the control. 

Do you guarantee moving the control if all documents are provided? 

We DO NOT guarantee moving the control over to applicant. In most of the cases you can recover the control successfully through the process explained above but in rear cases, it raises a dispute when present account owner refuses to change of control over to you. If you are convinced that, there is no chance of refusal by the present account holder then relax! On the other hand, if you feel any refusal of moving control by the present / existing owner please Click Here to find account ownership dispute resolution policy. 

If your signature matches with our record as well as ownership of the account are proven and no refusal report received from the existing owner then only will reset the password and send back to the email account mentioned on the application as soon as your profile is verified. 

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