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Update DNS Name Server through Client Area

You can manage your NS (Name Server) from your billing client area which is more secure and user friendly.  Here is how you can do this by yourself. 

1. Log into Eicra Billing System at . You may need to register the domain name WITH DNS Management when you make the order at our secured order page. 

2. After the domain name is successfully registered, kindly log into our Billing System ( Click on "My Domains" and icon at right as circled in below screen shot.


3. On the "My Domain" page, the signed up domains are listed here, select on the last icon from your domain row. Here it's shown below. 

4. On the "Nameservers" section, the domain name server changes can be updated here. You might have the domain registrar lock by checking the "Registrar Lock" checkbox. On the "Management Tools" section, there are buttons to renew domain, update contact information and alter DNS record via DNS management.

* Please take note that DNS management is to manage the domain DNS records if the domain is using ENOM/ResellerClub default DNS as its name server settings.

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  1. Kenisha

    It's good to see someone thkniing it through.

    Dear Sir i need to change one domain name server but i can not it .Domain: DNS NAME: & IP For dns= DNS NAME: & IP For dns=