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Accessing FTP via FileZilla

1. Firstly, grab a copy of FileZilla application (FileZilla Client) from, and install it.

Once installed, launch the program and the following screen should appear. Then click on the first left icon - Site Manager.

3. Click on "New Site", rename it to your preferable name such as Then fill in the connection details and click "OK" to save the settings.

Host: or IP Address
Port: 21
Logon type: Normal
Username: FTP Username
Password: FTP Password

Encryption: Only Use Plain FTP (insecure)

4. Connection established. You will see the server files on the right-hand side and you have your local files on your left. At this point, you have successfully connected to the server. You may either drag and drop, double-click on them or right click on them to transfer them between two locations.

For Linux users, upload your website files to "public_html" folder.
For Windows users, upload your website files to "httpdocs" folder.

Choose files or drag and drop files
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  1. Office Admin

    i use file zilla software when connect my domain name then server are not connected. my invoice # 49251 host name: