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Operational Support Procedures for System Outages

Unplanned Outages

Thanks to our built-in redundancy, system problems that create an unexpected outage are rare, but they do sometimes occur. If an extended outage occurs during normal business hours, Our technical team attend to resolve the problem immediately. Unfortunately, we can NOT guarantee you will be notified. On most occasions, problems are resolved before our client even notices.

In the event you suspect an unplanned outage is occurring, please contact your account manager directly or send an email to . Including your Customer ID and a detailed explanation of the issue (with screen shots when possible) will our response time. Otherwise, we do have technical teams who monitor for system alarms 24/7 to immediately begin repairing any issues as they are detected.

Planned Outages

System-wide maintenance is periodically necessary and planned outages may occasionally be required. When scheduled maintenance does require our system to be offline, all user under this server / system will be notified by email within 24 hours or more of the Eicra Support department receiving notification from the operations center.

Each contact on our client / affiliate list is emailed an announcement of this event. Therefore, it is imperative that each  Client / Affiliate keep their contact email up-to-date with the Help Desk. Otherwise you may not receive these critical notices.

Planned outages are also posted as announcement to your Client Area and Community Forum as soon as they are scheduled.

Customer Service FAQ



What is the SLA (Support Level Assistance) for critical security or support issues?

If there is a security or other critical support issue with our software, we will release a fix within 24 hours of the issue being reported to us.

What is included with the support, what is your approx response time?

Email based support for all of our product suites the same day during normal business hours except Friday from 9am - 9pm GMT (+6) except on Public Holidays. Here is a short overview of our support plan:

Best web application Availability Business Days in a weeks 06 days
Best web application Weekend Weekly holiday Friday
Best web application Time Zone 12 Hours in a Day   (GMT +06 ) From 09 AM  - To 09 PM
Best web application Speed of Response Average response Time in business hours 12 Hours
Best web application Communication Preferred communication method Mail & Support Tickets
Best web application Community Vast documentation, forums and knowledgebase Self Service
Best web application Discouraged 3rd party communication media Skype , Messenger etc.

Do you offer support outside of your normal support coverage?

Yes, for customers with extended support contracts. Please open a support ticket at Help Desk for faster attention.

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