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Online news portals need registration

The government has made it mandatory for all online newspapers to be registered, including those already published online.  The news portals will have to apply for the registration using the prescribed forms available at the Press Information Department (PID) website  

Please Visit : অনলাইন পত্রিকার নিবন্ধন কার্যক্রম  
See Also,  অনলাইন পত্রিকার জন্য নিবন্ধন লাগবে 

Both the form and the proforma of the declaration will be available on the department's website. They can also be collected from the Protocol division of the information department. The details submitted will be verified before registration can be done.

According to's  TOS and AUP policy,  we WILL NOT Host any news, blogs or magazine web portal which is not registered by the above process. If you are already running news portal (usually publishes in every 01 / 15 / 30 days intervals)  which is not registered yet,  at least submit the application copy to proof that, your application is currently being processed. 

We will be forced to suspend or remove visibility of website if you failed to provide us the proof of registration copy. 

Application Sample: 
Please download the specimen of application copy is attached herewith.  


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