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How to connect to the MySQL database

Configuration Settings:
Host = domain name
Database name = (cpanelusername_databasename)
Database username = (cpanelusername_databaseusername)
Database password = (******)

Note: When you move databases to our servers, the database name and username may change. This change must be updated in your script code. (The database name and username is clearly displayed in cPanel, in the MySQL area.)

On shared servers, the database username cannot be changed to something without the cPanel username in it.

It is possible for someone to use their cPanel username and password to connect to the database. However, we NEVER recommend doing this because the first time you change or reset your cPanel password, then your databases will stop working.

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  1. Md.Kholilur Rahman

    I can not php file connection with mysql database table and 2nd prblem -- data does not sent mysql database table and data does not show my website page.