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How do I transfer a Domain

Pre-transfer Checklist

Before transferring a domain registration to, there are a number of details that must be addressed before you can begin.

Configure DNS Service

Domain transfers do not change the nameserver delegation for a domain, so the domain's resolution should not be affected during the transfer. However, the delegation for the domain cannot be changed while the transfer is in progress. If you are changing DNS providers as well as registrars, it is highly recommended to change the nameserver delegation before you start the transfer. Some providers terminate DNS services the moment a transfer begins, so it is important to delegate the domain prior to beginning the transfer process.

Unlock the Domain

Registrars offer a user-enabled domain locking function, which prevents the domain from being transferred until the user specifically unlocks the domain. Your domain's status in WHOIS must show "ok" or "good" before the domain can be transferred. Other values, such as "clientTransferProhibited", indicate that the domain is currently locked, and must be unlocked before a transfer can occur.

Step 1.  Here you will get the unlock option. Then you will get an EPP or a code from your old Domain panel.

Then visit and register yourself with a correct E-mail address.

Step 2. Then Click on my domains and Click Transfer domain to us 

Step 2. Then write the domain name and your EPP code and click Add to carts.

New Registrations, Recent Transfers, and Expirations

A domain cannot or should not be transferred under the following conditions:

  • The domain has been created within the past 60 days.
  • The domain has expired, been renewed, or been transferred within the past 45 days.
  • The domain expires within 10 days.
  • The domain is currently expired.

Then confirm the order :

If any of these conditions apply to your domain, you will need to wait the specified amount of time (which may vary depending on your domain's

TLD) before transferring, or renew the domain before you transfer it .Get the Authcode

At this time, all of the TLDs we offer for transfer also require the EPP authorization code as part of the transfer confirmation process. This authcode can be obtained from the domain's current registrar.

Transferring Your Domain

To begin transferring your domain, please use the Add Zone Services Wizard here. Enter your domain name (without www) and select "Transfer this domain name to" under the Domain Registration field. The following screens will allow you to specify the new WHOIS contacts for your domain, and allow you to choose Secret Registration if you require WHOIS privacy services. You will also be asked to enter your EPP authorization code during this process. 


Once completed, the rest of the transfer process is largely automated, and you will not need to take any further action to complete the transfer. Within the next 7-10 days, the transfer will finalize and the registration will be moved into our systems.

What to Do if the Transfer Fails

If the domain transfer fails, and you have followed the tips and instructions in the pre-transfer checklist, please contact the current registrar for the domain for more information on why the transfer did not complete. Please see our Trouble with Transfers article for a list of common problems and solutions for incomplete transfers.

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